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 Registered charity no.1060251.  Patrons: Dr. Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Gillian Nicholls†

The purpose of the David Nicholls memorial Trust is to commemorate David's life and work in a way that encourages others to study and gain from his thought and wealth of experience.

David Nicholls

David NichollsDavid Nicholls died suddenly on the 13th June 1996. He was one of the most distinguished priest-scholars in the Church of England's recent history. He was an outstanding political scientist, with an early interest in political pluralism and espoused "socialism from below". He played a key role in deepening informed Christian analysis, comment and commitment in the social and political arena. He was one of the world authorities on the history and politics of Haiti. His collection of books manifests that crossing of disciplines and subversion of conventional compartmentalising, which was so central to his own life. The Trust was formed because it seemed vital to keep the collection together and up to date in a place where it could be accessible to students from this country and from other parts of the world. David's book collection is now housed in the David Nicholls Memorial Room at Regents Park College, Oxford. In addition to the Library, the Trust supports financial awards and an annual lecture.

For more details about the Library, click library. For further information about David's life, work and a list of his publications in both Politics &Theology and Haiti & Caribbean Studies click about David Nicholls. For the award application details, click awards. For information about the forthcoming lecture and to view the content of previous lectures, click lectures. For relevant comment, letters and articles click "debate". For more information about the Trust, click about the Trust.    

Message from the Patron, Dr. Rowan Williams:
"David Nicholls had one of the most original minds of his generation in the Church of England and I am delighted that his legacy is being honored and lives on through the work of the Trust."


Homily by Chris Rowland for the funeral of Gill Nicholls, 10 November 2010 (pdf download)


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